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Science News for Kids

Science News for Kids logoScience News for Kids is a:

“Web site devoted to science news for children of ages 9 to 13. [Their] goal is to offer timely items of interest to kids, accompanied by suggestions for hands-on activities, books, articles, Web resources, and other useful materials.”

This week, the site features articles on topics as diverse as mosquitoes and how monkey’s perceive color. You can search the article archives by topic using the links on the left of the screen (or by using the search window in the top right hand corner of the screen) or by week.

Check out the PuzzleZone, GameZone and LabZone for weekly science-themed puzzles, games and activities. The SciFiZone offers recommendations for Science Fiction. Check out the ScienceFairZone for “science fair tips, topics, news, student profiles, winning projects, and more.” There is even a TeacherZone with “science materials and resources for teachers and parents.”

(discovered via Ms. Frizzle’s blog)

Playing With Time

On the Playing With Time website (which I discovered via, you can see a variety of every day events occuring either faster or slower than they usually do.

“Here at the Playing With Time web site, unseen worlds of change will be revealed. You will see time sped up and slowed down, and behold the beauty of change. Time will be in your hands to witness, replay, and even create. You never know… you might not look at things quite the same way again.”

The Playing With Time project actually consists of two parts: the website and a museum exhibit. The exhibit is currently in St. Paul, Minnesota and will continue travel around the country until 2009.

Science is Child’s Play

via Alan Boyle’s Cosmic Log:

“Turn science into child’s play: Sally Ride, the first American woman to go into space, has had her share of somber duties as a member of the investigative boards for the Challenger explosion as well as the Columbia tragedy. But she also is involved in happier chores, such as helping with the second annual TOYchallenge.”

TOYchallenge gives students in grades five through eight the opportunity to exercise their skills in science, engineering and design by coming up with new ideas for games and toys. Ride created the contest, along with Hasbro Inc. and Domenico Grasso, director of Smith College’s Picker Engineering Program. The idea is to inspire young people

Pathfinder Science

I found the PathFinder Science web site while surfing the web. Their tagline is “creating student scientists, not just science students.” What a great philosophy!! PathFinder Science is a national and international collaboration of teachers and students from over 1,000 registered classrooms in 21 differnt countries. The classrooms share data and work together in order to answer questions about our world. Collaborative projects include:

  • North American Lichen Mapping – “Help us explore the environmental impacts of Sulfur Dioxide by studying the density and diversity of lichens”
  • Winter Bird Survey – “Join thousands of citizens and schools for this annual survey of winter birds visiting school and home feeders”
  • Keeping An Eye on the Ozone – “Check out your local Ground Level Ozone readings with Ecobadges and Milkweed plants.”
  • How Does Your Cookie Crumble? – “Help us decide which commercial cookie brands hold up the best!”
  • Driving Me Crazy – “How fast are those cars really going? Help us take a speeder count in your neighborhood.”

    You don’t have to register on their site to access the information and ideas on the site, but is necessary for you to share your ideas and classroom data. Find out more about PathFinder Science from their web site.