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Project Physics

Although I haven’t been posting much over the holidays, I have managed to keep up with the teacher blogs that I read. John Hellman recently posted on his blog “So you want to be a science teacher” about Project Physics, a book that:

“arose out of the desire to develop “a humanistically oriented physics course” that would get more students excited about physics and to present the influence of science on society, and vice-versa. It’s really a wonderful text- each major topic is introduced with historical background of how the discoveries were made. The book takes the reader through a course of discovery that mirrors that of the original researchers, and really builds (for me, at least) excitement in the reader.” – from

He also offers suggestions on how to find a copy of this book for yourself.

Math and Science Across Cultures

I discovered a relatively new publication while exploring the Exploratorium web site. Maurice Bazin, Modesto Tamez and the Exploratorium Teacher Institute have written a book that allows you to:

“Explore math- and science-related concepts and techniques drawn from everyday life around the world. Using simple, inexpensive materials, teachers join students in making and using information-gathering tools, identifying patterns, interpreting data, and using logic to unravel puzzles.” (description taken from the Exploratorium store web site)

I haven’t actually seen a copy of the book, but you can view the table of contents and a sample activity at the Exploratorium store site. It sounds like a really great way to help make science and math more accessible to students! I can’t wait to get myself a copy…

This book is also available through as well as (for those of you interested in finding used copies).