LABRats December 2003 Update

I wanted to give you an update to a recent post about LABRats, a national program that is being developed by the Society for Amateur Scientists. The LABRats program “will teach science, self-esteem, and community service to America’s young people.” I have posted the text of a recent e-mail that I received from the LABRats newsgroup below:

Dear LABRats enthusiast,

As 2003 draws to a close, we are working hard on several fronts to make LABRats a reality, and we’d like to share some exciting news with you on partnership developments.

We have an agreement with a local Boys and Girls Club that will share their space, members, and programming expertise during LABRats development and testing. We have also met with a world renowned science-technology center that is potentially interested in being a full development partner and may function as a regional office where mentors and adult volunteer leaders can be trained to deliver LABRats through various community organizations. Through these and other conversations, a model for a pilot program and subsequent dissemination is beginning to emerge.

I look forward to continuing to share exciting LABRats development news with all of you throughout 2004. Thank you for your time, enthusiasm, and support. You are an important charter member of a growing national LABRats community, which, we believe, will one day change they way science is taught across the country. Your perspectives and experiences are valuable as we embark on program development, and I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.

Please email feedback to me at

If you have a posting that is appropriate for the whole group, please email to Postings are moderated.

Best regards,

Heather Smith
Society for Amateur Scientists
Director of Program Development

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