Daily Archives: 15. December 2003

Christmas Gifts for the Scientist in Your Life

Are you looking for a special gift for the scientist in your life? Here are just a few gifts that you can buy at The Discovery Channel Store:

Discovery Whodunit? Forensics Lab ($79.95)
Winner of the 2003 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award.

“Learn how to use science to fight crime! With advances in forensic science, more and more crime work is being solved in the lab. Now you can introduce your child to a fun and fascinating side of science, with this complete at-home forensic lab. You’ll face six tough cases – each harder than the last. Use the state-of-the-art lab instruments to analyze handwriting, decipher blood type and examine mysterious fibers in your search for answers.”

Discovery DNA Explorer Kit ($79.95)
Named to Popular Science’s 2003 Best of What’s New List.

“Explore one of the newest frontiers in science – DNA mapping. From science labs to courtrooms, few discoveries are as exciting as the world of DNA. With this deluxe, first-of-its-kind kit, you can extract, view and map real DNA yourself. Ideal for budding forensic-scientists or secret agents, the working lab and tools are just like the real thing. Plus, you’ll have all the supplies needed for six fascinating DNA experiments. Extract DNA from vegetables, find out what actually makes ink colors and even grow crystal stalagmites!”

Remote Control Vectron UltraLite ($39.95)
Featured in the December 15th issue of The Scientist in the article “Presents for Profs: Holiday gift ideas for the scientist who has everything”

“Control your very own UFO as it glides, hovers and flies! The Vectron UltraLite is an infrared, remote control flying disc that’s ready to fly right out of the box. Just set it on the docking base, charge it for approximately 10 minutes, then stand back and watch it lift off, hover and fly around like an alien spacecraft. The special proportional controls mean the harder you press the trigger, the higher it flies. Just ease off the trigger to make Vectron descend. Designed for indoor use, this unique design is completely safe – the propeller stops instantly and automatically upon contact with any object.”