Daily Archives: 11. November 2003

“Science Snacks”

The Exploratorium has instructions for miniature versions of some of their most popular exhibits, which they call Science Snacks. The experiments are indexed alphabetically or by subject.

Subjects include: Chemistry, Color, Electricity, Fluids, Heat, Life Science, Light, Magnetism, Math, Mechanics, Perception, Polarization, Reflection, Refraction, Sound and Waves.

Examples include:

  • Milk Makes Me Sick: a study of the basis of lactose intolerance
  • Glue Stick Sunset: the scattering of light by the atmosphere, which creates the blue sky and red sunsets, can be modeled when light from a flashlight shines through clear glue sticks.
  • and many, many more…
  • The site also offers a list of resources for buying “snack supplies“:

    …a collection of resources recommended by the teachers who created the original Snackbook. It includes sources for some hard-to-get items, for books and print materials considered exceptionally valuable, for unique suppliers, and for items that might not conventionally be considered to be science resources. It does not pretend to be all-encompassing, exhaustive, or universal, but we hope it will be useful.