Daily Archives: 4. November 2003

Math and Science Across Cultures

I discovered a relatively new publication while exploring the Exploratorium web site. Maurice Bazin, Modesto Tamez and the Exploratorium Teacher Institute have written a book that allows you to:

“Explore math- and science-related concepts and techniques drawn from everyday life around the world. Using simple, inexpensive materials, teachers join students in making and using information-gathering tools, identifying patterns, interpreting data, and using logic to unravel puzzles.” (description taken from the Exploratorium store web site)

I haven’t actually seen a copy of the book, but you can view the table of contents and a sample activity at the Exploratorium store site. It sounds like a really great way to help make science and math more accessible to students! I can’t wait to get myself a copy…

This book is also available through Amazon.com as well as Half.com (for those of you interested in finding used copies).