Daily Archives: 3. November 2003

The Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge

Recently, the 2003 winners of the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge (DCYSC) were announced:

1st place – Joseph Stunzi, age 13, of Watkinsville, Georgia for his project entitled “The Effects of Cell Phones on Pacemaker Patients’ Hearts.”

2nd place – Elizabeth Monier, age 15, of Boerne, Texas for her project titled, “A Comparison of the Antimicrobial Capabilities of Raw Honey with Raw Honey Treated with Heat, Ethanol, or Ultraviolet Radiation.”

3rd place – Elena Ovaitt, age 14, of Weston, Missouri for her project titled, “Purification by Ozonation: The Effects of Ozonation on Ascorbic Acid and Bacteria Colonies in Unpasteurized Apple Cider.”

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