Daily Archives: 23. October 2003

The New and Improved “Citizen Scientist”

You may have noticed a few changes in the menu bar on the left over the past few days. These changes were designed to make this site a bit more user friendly. Articles are now archived by subject (as well as date). This should make it a bit easier to look through the archives for activities related to your subject of interest. You can also use the “search” window to search for posts on specific subjects or containing specific keywords.

If you have any other suggestions on how to improve this site, please let me know!

The Physics of Life

At Physics.orgyou can explore the relevance and importance of physics in all our lives with Physics Life. Playing with this fun multimedia site shows you the influences and applications of physics in everything from the skateboarding to kitchen appliances.” Go explore!

The site uses an “EasyAsk” interface to answer your physics-related questions with links to “relevant and accurate web sites from its database of refereed resources. If you provide your age and extent of your knowledge in physics, the site tailors its answers to your questions.

This site also hosts the constants and equations page, “one of the most popular web sites on physical constants…a vital reference for anyone interested in physics – from a school student to a professor.