Daily Archives: 20. October 2003

National Geographic Xpeditions

I found the National Geographic Xpeditions website while exploring the National Digitial Science Library. The Xpeditions site has a variety of resources designed to help make learning about geography fun. These include:

  • LESSON PLANS: “teacher tested and organized by standards and grade level
  • ACTIVITIES: “interactive fun for home or the classroom
  • ATLAS MAPS: “hundreds of printer-friendly maps
  • XPEDITION HALL: “our virtual museum – where every click brings geography to life
  • STANDARDS: “Through games, lesson plans, maps, and more, Xpeditions helps integrate the U.S. geography standards into learning – both at home and in the classroom.

    I started off by exploring the Xpedition Hall. There are interactive maps, etc. that bring geographic facts to life. In Room I, you can learn about “the world in spatials terms.” Check out the “X3 World Viewer”, and you can see “six different kinds of information in spatial terms including population growth, language, biomass energy and religion.” What fun! Stop by and visit when you get a chance…