The Physics of Baseball

Want to find out more about about the physics behind the great American past time? Then, here are a few sites where you can learn more:

1) Baseball: The Game and Beyond

Have you ever wondered why a curveball curves, or how ERA is calculated? Well in this site we try to answer those questions along with many more. You can learn how to score a game and study the physics behind baseball. You can even hear Red Sox PA Announcer Ed Brickley's impressions of the game.

2) San Francisco's Exploratorium presents The Science of Baseball

This site has exhibits, articles and activities related to the science behind the game of baseball…as well as links to many other baseball-related web sites.

3) The Physics of Baseball

A professor of physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a site devoted to the physics of baseball, complete with info about corked bats, wood vs. alumninum bats, the dynamics of the baseball-bat collision, characterizing the performance of baseball bats, sites geared towards younger people, Aerodynamics of the Baseball, aerodynamics of the baseball, NCAA bat standards, etc.

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