Gray's Anatomy

The internet is obviously a wonderful resource for many types of information. In fact, many scientific textbooks and references are now available on-line. For example, “Gray’s Anatomy”, an invaluable reference on human anatomy and physiology, is available through

Barnes & Noble Books describes “Gray’s Anatomy” as follows:

“From its simplest and most basic parts to its most important and complicated systems, almost anything you want to know about the human body can be found in Gray’s Anatomy, the seminal book on the way the human body works. A landmark in scientific writing, Gray’s Anatomy has been an important source of reference for students of medicine and medical history for more than one hundred years. The classic engravings are by H.V. Carter, and Henry Gray’s prose describes in fascinating detail the miraculous forms and functions of our bones, organs, muscles, veins, arteries, and nerves.”

“Here you have the opportunity of learning the anatomy and purpose of every part of the human body. For example, if you want to know how your heart does what it does, simply turn to the appropriate section within and you will find diagrams and illustrations accompanied by a clear, comprehensive text that will give you the information you desire quickly and completely. No home is complete without Gray’s Anatomy. It is both an essential reference book for family health, and an enlightening voyage of discovery into the nature of our bodies. This new edition will not only maintain, but enhance the reputation Gray’s Anatomy has enjoyed for more than a century.”

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