Daily Archives: 6. October 2003

Nobel Prizes

Over the course of the next 5 days, the winners of the 2003 Nobel Prizes will be announced. Each year, the Nobel Foundation awards prizes in medicine/physiology, physics, chemistry, economics and literature, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize.

Vist the Nobel e-museum to learn about the “750 Prize Winners to date, the Nobel Organization, Alfred Nobel, and Nobel events, as well as educational material and games. Nobel e-Museum consists of more than 9,000 static documents, several databases and a number of multimedia productions with Nobel Prize connection.”

Their educational material, for most Nobel categories: medicine, chemistry, physics, literature, and peace (sorry, no economics-related games), includes demonstrations of scientific concepts and games related to Nobel-award winning ideas:

  • liquid crystals
  • lasers
  • the structure of DNA
  • chirality
  • blood typing
  • the Pavlovian response
  • and many more…

    Note: most of the games are written for those 15 years and up.