Daily Archives: 1. October 2003

Fast Plants

Have you ever heard of Fast Plants? They are a great way to help students discover the scientific process. These plants can be adapted for use with students in kindergarten all the way up through college. They have even been used by NASA on the space shuttle. However, I think that the Fast Plants website says it best:

“Exploration, discovery, and the scientific process come alive when your students grow Fast Plants in the classroom. These petite, hardy, attractive members of the mustard family whiz through an ultra-short life cycle in about 35-45 days. At their peak, the tallest plants only reach a height of 30 cm (about 12 inches); most plants are even shorter.”

“Easy to care for, affordable, and irresistible, Fast Plants are an invaluable tool for learning about how real science is done. The thrill of growing a real, living plant is irresistible. Fast Plants change visibly every single day, right in front of your students' eyes! In two short weeks, the tiny seeds will sprout, grow, and bloom. In just over a month, students can plant seeds, tend plants, pollinate flowers, and harvest new seeds. Dare your students to resist asking questions!”

Check out their website to find out more. They have answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), teacher resources, background resources, growing instructions, student resources, ordering information, etc.