The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

I’ve got weather on the brain! The NOAA has a portion of their web site dedicated to education resources. They have sections specially for teachers and students, as well as a section with links to “cool sites for everyone.” For example, the “teachers” page has links to information on:

  • weather, climate, the oceans and satellites
  • special training opportunities for K-12 teachers (both NOAA and non-NOAA programs)
  • teacher resource centers
  • and more…

Be sure to spend some time exploring the main NOAA site as well. If you are willing to do some exploring, you can find all sorts of fun and useful information (e.g., my family has a cabin on the Delaware River and we use the NOAA site to access interactive maps showing river levels in real-time, as measured by the National Weather Service.)